Geert-Jan M. Kruijff


I am a senior researcher and project leader at the DFKI Language Technology Lab [ ]. Since 2004, I have been leading several projects in the area of Human-Robot Interaction.

Over time, we have built up a large group of researchers, focusing particularly on “talking robots:” The Talking Robots group [ ]. We are interested in developing theories and systems for exploring what makes a robot understand and produce spoken dialogue. Our research ranges from fundamental research, to applied-and-out-in-the-field work such as Urban Search & Rescue, or child-robot interaction in hospital settings.

  1. Since 2010 I am the coordinator for an EU-funded international project on Urban Search & Rescue, called NIFTi [ ]. We closely work together with first responders to develop systems for human-robot teams which can explore disaster sites, to provide early situation assessments.

  2. In July 2012 I co-lead a NIFTi human-robot team to assist the Vigili del Fuoco in damage assessment, in earthquake-hit Mirandola, Italy [ ].

  3. Since 2012 I am a coordinator for human-robot collaboration in the NATO-SAS-RTG-097 on robotics for future NATO missions [ ].

  4. In 2012 I aided the National Academies of Science to organize a US government-sponsored workshop on human-machine collaboration.

  5. Since 2012 I am a co-chair of the IEEE RAS Technical Committee on Robot Ethics [ ]


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