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About me

I am originally interested in the extraction of formal rules from Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs). RNNs are difficult to train and difficult to analyse and rule extraction may help us to get a better understanding of RNNs. I have created an algorithm that I call Crystallizing Substochastic Sequential Machine Extractor (CrySSMEx) that seems to work better than all previous approaches. The paper is available and an open source (GPL) distribution is being prepared: cryssmex.sourceforge.net.

I am now working in the CoSy Project on applying an abstracted version of CrySSMEx for the purpose of constructing an embodied world model in an interactive, autonomousus, bottom up and active learning manner. The idea is that the robot should learn the rules that governs the physics of its embodied situation in a manner that facilitates prediction of the consquences of the robot's actions. I am also working on symbol grounding and crossmodal (i.e. over different sensor modalities) content binding.




Lateral Projects


These files comes from a project where I wanted to fill polygons with circles. [pdf]


Then I wanted to fill polygons with interlocking gears. I still have some work to do.


I played Risk with my family and started to think too much while waiting for the others to make their moves. I was imagining a much larger map where the moves in specific countries/cells were governed by highlevel strategic decisions rather than turn based decisions. The whole thing ended up in this: "NanoSwarm is a new form of real time strategy game with a cellular automaton which defines a distribution of nanorobots instead of traditional units. The bots are counted in billions and are controlled indirectly by vector flow fields" [long description from the sourceforge application]

I developed the game with Henrik Grimm and we spent several 100 hours on it and we succeeded in producing a working running prototype. We also put it on sourceforge: http://sourceforge.net/projects/nanoswarm/. Unfortunately we never got to the point that we finished it up properly to make a release. We didn't even generate screenshots. But the source code is there under SVN and the game can be played if you can compile it.