September 19 - 20, 2006
in Erfurt, Germany


Submission of papers:
April 21, 2006

Notification of authors:
June 5, 2006

Camera-ready papers:
July 3, 2006

September 19-20, 2006

Topics of interest for MATES'06 include, but are not limited to:

-Adaptive agents and multi-agent learning

-Advanced theories of collaboration: Modelling and formation of teams, coalitions, groups, and organizations

-Agents and autonomic computing

-Agent and multi-agent architectures

-Agents and peer-to-peer computing

-Agents and pervasive computing

-Agent-based service discovery, matchmaking, brokering, and composition

-Agent communication languages

-Agents for e-business and e-government

-Agent technologies in the context of service-oriented computing and architectures

-Agent to non-agent interoperability

-Agents in novel applications, e.g. bioinformatics and the semantic Web

-Application of agent-technologies in industrial practice

-Artificial social systems: Conventions, norms, institutions; trust and reputation

-Autonomous robots and robot teams

-Commitment, delegation, responsibility, and obligations in artificial and hybrid societies

-Complex systems and their management

-Coordination, negotiation, argumentation, and conflict resolution

-Deployed agent-based business applications

-Hybrid human and agent societies

-User modeling and interface agents

-Embodied conversational agents and believable agents

-Mobile agents

-Model-driven design of multi-agent systems

-Multi-agent planning and scheduling

-Multi-agent platforms and tools

-Multi-agent (social) simulation and (cognitive) modelling with agents

-Practical aspects of programming agent systems: Robustness, scalability and performance measurement

-Robustness, fault tolerance, scalability and performance measurement

-Roles and structures, adaptive learning and cognition in organizational models

-Semantic of the dynamics of organizational models

-Standards for agents and multi-agent systems