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ERmed: Demo IUI 2014

ERmed: Demo at IUI 2014

ERmed: Evaluation

ERmed: First evaluation on the ability to accurately focus on virtual icons in each of several focus planes despite having only monocular depth ques, confirming the viability of these methods for interaction.

ERmed Evaluation ELTE

ERmed: Second evalution at ELTE in Budapest focussing on self-calibrating eye-tracking, robust gaze-guided object recognition and how “artifical salience” can modulate the gaze (un)consciously.

ERmed Eye Gaze ELTE

ERmed: In Budapest, Takumi and Jason work on a combination of eye gaze and dynamic text management that allows user centric text to move along a user’s path in realtime.

ERmed ELTE Building Project

ERmed: We start the “ELTE Building Project” (NIPG) featuring eye gaze-based location awareness / indoor navigation

ERmed SMI Eye Tracker

ERmed: We combine SMI’s eye tracker with a new glass frame to Brother’s Airscouter

ERmed Best Paper Award

ERmed: Jason Orlosky (Osaka University wins IUI best paper award on dynamic text management)

ERmed Medical CPS Kick-Off

ERmed: EIT Medical CPS Kick-off. ERmed delivers sitation awareness cues for patient monitoring

ERmed Inteview at Ferchau

ERmed: Interview with Daniel Sonntag in Ferchau (Industry 4.0) in German