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KDI at CeBIT 2016

KDI: We exhibit at CeBIT at the BMWi booth, DFKI provides new KDI demonstrators

Clinical Data Intelligence - Links Patient Data, Optimizes Treatment

Medical CPS architecture

EIT MCPS: Presentation of full Medical CPS architecture at CBMS 2014 in New York, Mount Sinai Hospital
The Medical Cyber-Physical Systems Activity at EIT: A Look under the Hood
Proceedings of the 27th International Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems (CBMS), IEEE 2014
Contact: Daniel Sonntag, DFKI

CPS Programming Workshop

EIT MCPS: CPS programming workshop in Budapest at STAF 2013
Contact: Tamás Kozsik, ELTE

Lambda 2013 CPS Workshop

EIT MCPS: Location-awareness & cyber-physical system workshop at IUI 2013: Lambda 2013
Contact: Tim Schwartz, DFKI

Digipen Endorsement

EIT MCPS: DFKI launches the DigiPen Spin-Off (real-time digital pen data acquisition): also visit the CeBit booth, March 5-9, 2013, hall 4, C26 (German Telekom) and hall 9, S50 (DFKI)

Kick-Off Meeting

EIT MCPS: Kick-Off at EIT in Berlin!