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Welcome to the talking robots group!

We are a team of researchers at the DFKI Language Technology Lab involved in the development of cognitive systems for intelligent "talking robots"

We work on situated interaction -- we are investigating what it takes, to develop intelligent robots that understand dialogue about the environments they find themselves in. We start from the assumption that the robot should not only be able to talk, but that it should also be able to learn how to relate language, action and situated reality. As such, a robot's communicative capabilities need to be part of a much larger cognitive system with which it experiences the environment -- an environment about which it continuously learns.

In our projects, we focus on developing talking robots for socially guided learning (CogX, 2008-2012), urban search and rescue (NIFTi, 2010-2014), and long-term affective interaction with children (ALIZ-E, 2010-2014).

Projects Projects

For more about the projects we are involved in, see our projects page. You can obtain released versions of our software here. For details on our approaches, see our publications.

Projects Our lab

You can find us in the DFKI Altbau. We have an ActivMedia PeopleBot, a P3-AT, several P3-DXs, as well as a Neuronics Katana HD6M robot arm, and an Aldebaran NAO humanoid.

Student projects

For a complete list of ongoing and open student projects, see the Students page. We have just updated our list of open MSc thesis topics!