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Dagstuhl Workshop "Standards for Dialogue Coding in Natural Language Processing"

This is the old wing of Dagstuhl castle

During the last years, corpus based approaches have gained significant importance in the field of natural language processing. Currently, large corpora for many different languages are being collected all over the world. In order for these data to be useful for training and for testing implemented systems, the corpora must be annotated in various ways. The Discourse Resource Initiative (DRI) is an effort to assemble discourse resources in support of discourse research and applications.

The seminar at the Dagstuhl Castle, February, 2.-7, 1997, was the second in a series of DRI workshops with the goal to develop a standard to annotate corpora for semantic/pragmatic and discourse features.

Information about the workshop:

You also may be interested in the Special Interest Group on Discourse and Dialogue Processing , which was initiated as an international grassroots effort by discourse and dialogue processing researchers in order to serve as a focal point for sharing information and resources.

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