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January 14-17, 2001 IUI 2001
2001 International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces
Santa Fe, NM, USA Expired
March 14, 2001 IEEE VR2001 Workshop
The Future of VR and AR Interfaces:
Multi-modal, Humanoid, Adaptive and Intelligent?
Yokohama, Japan Expired
March 18-21, 2001 HLT 2001
Human Language Technology Confererence
San Diego, CA, USA Expired
March 21-23, 2001 Smart Graphics
1st International Symposium on Smart Graphics
Hawthorne, NY, USA Expired
March 31 - April 5, 2001 CHI 2001
Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems
Seattle, WA,USA Expired
April 1-2, 2001 CHI 2001 Workshop
Distributed and Disappearing User Interfaces in Ubiquitous Computing
Seattle, WA, USA Expired
  CHI 2001 Workshop
Mobile Communications: Understanding Users, Adoption and Design
Seattle, WA, USA Expired
April 18-20, 2001 Euromedia 2001
6th Annual Conference
Valencia, Spain Expired
May 1-5, 2001 WWW10
Tenth International World Wide Web Conference
Hong Kong, China Expired
May 9-12, 2001 ICCS-01
Seventh International Colloquium on Cognitive Science
Donostia-San Sebastián, Spain Expired
May 19-23, 2001 AI-ED 2001
10th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education
San Antonio, TX, USA Expired
May 22-23, 2001 JSAI-Synsophy
International Workshop on Social Intelligence Design
Matsue, Japan Expired
May 28-30, 2001 CMNLA
International Workshop on Computational Models of Natural Language Argument
San Francisco, CA, USA Expired
May 28 - June 1, 2001 Agents'2001
Fith International Conference on Autonomous Agents
Montreal, Canada Expired
May 29, 2001 Agents'2001 Workshop
on Representing, Annotating, and Evaluating Non-Verbal and Verbal Communicative Acts to Achieve Contextual Embodied Agents
Montreal, Canada Expired
June 2-7, 2001 NAACL 2001
2nd Meeting of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics
Pittsburgh, PA, USA Expired
June 3, 2001 NAACL 2001 Workshop on Automatic Summarization 2001 Pittsburgh, PA, USA Expired
June 3-4, 2001 EMNLP 2001 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing Pittsburgh, PA, USA Expired
June 4, 2001 NAACL 2001 Workshop
on Adaption in Dialogue Systems
Pittsburgh, PA, USA Expired
June 18-22, 2001 Orage 2001
Oralité et Gestualité
Aix-en-Provence, France Expired
July 6, 2001 ACM SIGCHI
Symposium on Computer Human Interaction
Palmerson North, New Zealand May 25, 2001
July 6-7, 2001 CoNLL-2001
5th Computational Natural Language Learning Workshop
Toulouse, France Expired
July 9-13, 2001 INTERACT 2001
8th IFIP TC.13 Conference on Human-Computer Interaction
Tokyo, Japan Expired
July 13-17, 2001 UM 2001
8th International Conference on User Modeling
Sonthofen, Germany Expired
July 25-27, 2001 IV2001-VSW
International Symposium of Visualisation of the Semantic Web
London, UK Expired
July 30 - August 11, 2001 EUROLAN 2001
Summer Institute on "Creation and Exploitation of Annotated Language Resources"
Sinaia and Iasi, Romania Expired
August 4-10, 2001 IJCAI 2001
17th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence
Seattle, WA, USA Expired
August 5-10, 2001 HCI International 2001
9th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction
New Orleans, LA, USA Expired
August 14-18, 2001 Hypertext 2001
The 12th ACM Conference on Hypertext and Hypermedia
Rhus, Denmark Expired
September 1-10, 2001 i3 Summer School 2001
An Interaction Design Summer School
Ivrea, Italy n/a
September 6-8, 2001 CIA-2001
5th International Workshop on Cooperative Information Agents
Modena, Italy Expired
September 10-11, 2001 IVA 2001
3rd International Workshop on Intelligent Virtual Agents
Madrid, Spain May 11, 2001
September 10-14, 2001 IHM-HCI 2001
Interaction without frontiers
Lille, France Expired
September 12-14, 2001 COSIGN 2001
1st International Conference on Computational Semiotics in Games and New Media
Amsterdam, The Netherlands Expired
September 16-20, 2001 ECSCW 2001
7th European Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work
Bonn, Germany Expired
September 21-22, 2001 cast01
Living in Mixed Realities
Bonn, Germany May 5, 2001
October 3-5, 2001 IEEE 2001
International Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing
Cannes, France Expired
October 18-20, 2001 Digital Cities
The 2nd Kyoto Meeting on Digital Cities, International Symposium and Workshop
Kyoto, Japan May 1, 2001
October 23-26, 2001 IAT-2001
The 2nd Asia-Pacific Conference on Intelligent Agent Technology
Maebashi City, Japan Expired
October 23-26, 2001 WI'2001
First Asia-Pacific Conference on Web Intelligence
Maebashi City, Japan Expired
October 23-26, 2001 IAT-2001
Second Asia-Pacific Conference on Intelligent Agent Technology
Maebashi City, Japan Expired
October 15-16, 2001 PUI'01
Workshop on Perceptive User Interfaces
Orlando, Florida July 6, 2001
November 29 - December 2, 2001 ICDM '01
The 2001 IEEE International Conference on Data Mining
Silicon Valley, CA, USA June 15, 2001

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