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Future Lines of User Interface Decision Support

FLUIDS Logo by Renato Orsini .

FLUIDS is a project in the Telematics Engineering sector of the Telematics Applications Programme managed by the European Commission (DG XIII ). The project aims to provide a software environment for building intelligent interfaces for decision support systems by using reusable building blocks (adaptable to the requirements of different systems and users) and a methodology for designing and developing interface models. This software environment will be tested with two real-time traffic management systems currently operating in Barcelona and Turin.

FLUIDS Project Partners:
MIZAR Automazione S.p.A. (Co-ordinator)
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
DFKI German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence GmbH
Consorzio 5T

This document includes a general overview of FLUIDS and provides detailed information about the DFKI activities within this EU project. Further information is available through ETHOS (European Telematics Horizontal Observatory Service), CONCORD (Concertation Co-ordination) and the Telematics Engineering server being developed in the project NECTAR (Networked Electronic Storage and Communication of Telematics Application Programme Results).
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