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Gosling et al. (1996)

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J. Gosling, F. Yellin, The Java Team.

The Java(TM) Application Programming Interface, Volume II: Window Toolkit and Applets. Addison-Wesley, Reading, MA, 1996.


The Java Application Programming Interface describes the libraries that every programmer can use to write Java applications and applets. These two volumes were written by the development team that created the Java API. They are authoritative, accurate, comprehensive, and completely up to date.

Volume 2: ``Window Toolkit and Applets'' describes the libraries that you can use to create sophisticated and visually appealing Java applications and applets. In addition, this volume illustrates how you can create embedded programs that can be transported safely across the network. These libraries include java.awt, java.awt.image, java.awt.peer, and java.applet.

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