Rocco (RoboCup Commentator)

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The automated generation of multimedia reports for time-varying scenes on the basis of visual data constitutes a challenging research goal with a high potential for many interesting applications. ROCCO (RoboCupCommentator) is a prototype system of an automatic commentator system for RoboCup, the Robot World-Cup Soccer. It has emerged from previous work on high-level scene analysis and intelligent multimedia generation at the german research center for artificial intelligence DFKI. Based on a general conception for multimedia reporting systems, the initial ROCCO version is intended to generate TV-style live reports for matches of the simulator league.

The RoboCup'98 paper is now available:

ROCCO: A RoboCup Soccer Commentator System (D.Voelz, E.Andre, G.Herzog, T.Rist)

For further reading:
  • Extended Abstract (german), (english).
  • Generating Multimedia Presentations for RoboCup Soccer Games (E.Andre, G.Herzog, T.Rist).
  • Spezifikation von Ereignispropositionen (german).

  • Scientific Award 1998

    RoCCo (RoboCup Commentator)
    MIKE (Multi-agent Interactions Knowledgeably Explained)

    Technical Details

    *The ROCCO-system is connected to Itsuki Noda's Soccer-Server, the central system of the RoboCup simulator league, through a standard TCP/IP connection.
    *Implementation language is java. On the long run, ROCCO should be able to run in a standard internet browser.
    *Follow here for a complete code documentation, generated with javadoc.
    *ROCCO contains a template based verbalizing component, with templates being transcribed from TV-soccer reports. Click here for a complete list or a list of templates used in ROCCO.
    *The Rocco Event Model.