Workshop on
Commercial Exploitation of Research Projects

Held in conjunction with the i3 Spring Days 2000, Athens, March 1-3, 2000

What the Workshop is about

i3Net has started a business partner programme where external companies and agencies are invited to join the i3 community to learn and profit from the results of the consortium. This effort to promote commercial exploitation of the results of the research is performed at the network level in parallel with the individual efforts of every project.

The purpose of the workshop is to integrate both type of actions, to introduce the concepts of this programme and to discuss the best ways forwards.

Format of the workshop

There will be two invited papers:

Participants will present their own efforts:

These presentations will not be peered reviewed but a referent will give comments on every presentation to start the discussion. The presentations are planned to last 25 minutes and will be followed by the referent for 5 minutes and then discussions for 10 minutes.

The organisers try to start the work shop by a lunch where participants will have the opportunity to know each other in an informal atmosphere.

The abstracts and the papers (as text or as slides) will be available on the i3 site after the workshop.

We are seeking workshop contributions and referents on the following topics - but contributions are not restricted to this list

Location and dates

The half-day workshop will be held in conjunction with the i3 Spring Days (March 1-3, 2000)

Training and Conference Centre of the National Bank of Greece S.A. Glyfada, Athens, Greece, nearby Athens' international airport.


Important dates

1 January 2000

Email of intent

15 January 2000

Submission of abstract (300 words)

1 February 2000

Acceptance of the submission

15 February 2000

Presentation (text or slides) on Internet


Workshop attendance will be limited. Participation of members of the greater i3 community as well as outside this community is encouraged. We will give preference to those people who have submitted a paper.


For more detail information, please contact

Marc Blasband
Burg. Patijnlaan 120
3705 CJ Zeist
The Netherlands
Tel/Fax: +31 30 699 23 43

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