Learning, Collaboration, and the Analysis of Video Data

Workshop organised by the CHAT working group at the i3 Spring Days 2000 - Glyfada, Athens, Greece, March 1-3rd 2000



This workshop presents video data. To illustrate how to analyse and understand learning and collaboration in children aged 4-8. The i3 participants will view recordings taken from the UK, Portugal and Sweden and they are also welcome to bring along their own project data for the discussion. Phenomenographic and ethnomethodological analytical accounts will be presented. Grounded in sophisticated contemporary accounts of child development, the appropriateness of the learning frameworks and the significance of collaboration within the learning process will be illustrated.

Three common concerns will be identified:

In the global village, and in virtual environments, collaboration is often perceived as a necessity for solving problems in the future. But the precise nature of the problems to be solved (the content or the curriculum) are often not identified. When they are, they may be identified in very abstract terms that might not be related to childrens lived experiences. It may even be felt that the specific contexts for collaboration cannot be identified or described in concrete terms; that they should be determined by the users i.e. the children themselves.

The Launch of the CHAT Webster

At the end of this workshop, participants will be invited to join the CHAT team for refreshments and nibbles as we launch our new ESE support Webster and database. CHATs central purpose has been to support the ESE projects by extending their critical understanding of the specific learning processes and learning products involved in developing childrens creativity and imagination, expression, initiative and curiosity, and in their learning to learn, their sharing and collaboration.
The CHAT database will be available for viewing at:

Workshop organisers

John Siraj-Blatchford
Ingrid Pramling Samuelsson

Contact address for potential workshop attendees:

Ingrid Pramling Samuelsson
Göteborgs universitet
Phone: +46 31 773 2461
Fax: +46 31 773 2195
e-mail: ingrid.pramling@ped.gu.se
Internet: www.ped.gu.se/users/pramling/pramling.html

Everybody participating is welcome to bring along videorecordings

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