Creative Innovation - New Paradigms for Convergence of Arts and Science Practises

Wednesday, March 10, 1999 (half day 9:00-13:00)

Sitges, Spain


From the outset eRENA and eSCAPE were conceived as transdisciplinary undertakings incorporating computer scientists, social scientists and artists. Other i3 projects have similar transdisciplinarity. One challenge of such a synergy of skills is the integration of artistic activity within the framework of IT research objectives, specially drawing on the highly creative technical and social qualities of current digital media art practices. Our experiences in year 1 indicate the need for a deeper understanding of the possible artistic roles in i3, as well as within the European IT research field as a whole. In the proposed workshop artists, scientists, industrialists and members of the European Commission will have the opportunity to express and exchange views on the theory and practice of synergy between art, science, industry, and the citizen.



Yngve Sundblad, i3-project eRENA
Tom Rodden, i3-project eSCAPE

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