A multi-lingual template-based question/answering system for exploring large collections of annotated free text documents


The main objective of QUETAL is the development of core components and knowledge sources for performing multi-lingual and content-oriented NL-based question answering (QA). Answering sources are large pools of NL text documents from different sources (online via the Internet and offline via document servers), which are annotated with diverse kinds of linguistic, semantic and domain-specific information that is automatically extracted from text sources by applying information extraction and text mining technologies.

QA technologies will be explored that operate on semi-structured NL documents. Meta-information (such as HTML or XML tags) for answer candidate selection is taken into account. We are investigating QA technology that can handle questions and answers going behind the currently dominating simple fact-based, short-answer oriented systems. Especially, we will analyse and answer questions that refer to

The main scientific tenets underlying QUETAL are:

Funded by:Federal Ministry of Education and Research
Project Manager:GŁnter Neumann (Guenter.Neumann@dfki.de)
Contact:GŁnter Neumann (Guenter.Neumann@dfki.de)
Duration: 01.01.2003 - 31.12.2005