The intelligent Library Assistant

The focus of the project is research and development for novel access to information in digital libraries. Digital libraries store information from diverse areas, e.g. scientific articles, and offer a web-based access to these digital formats. The user currently can search via names, standardized key words or other text-based means.

In DiLiA methods will be developed that extends this access by several dimensions. On the one hand, the user will be suppoerted and guided by allowing her to visually investigate relevant search result sets. On the other hand, methods will be developed to extract cross links and semantic relations from a document set selected by the user..

We assume that a DiLiA user is searching for literature within a defined but not precisely specified area. Neither does she know exactly about the coverage of the digital library, and how it is indexed internally. To narrow down the set of possibly relevant documents (books, articles, other media), an interactive search based on dialogues between the user and the system will be carried out opening up the contents of the documents.

The DiLiA project will realize the following innovative aspects that are combined in the given way for the first time:

Funded by:Other (IBB)
Project Manager:Norbert Reithinger (Norbert.Reithinger@dfki.de)
Contact:Norbert Reithinger (Norbert.Reithinger@dfki.de)
Duration: 01.06.2008 - 31.12.2010
GermanyMax Planck Digital Library