DFKI-LT - Interact

Interactive Manual Assembly Operations for the Human-Centered Workplaces of the Future

Logo: Interact

In order to be competitive in a global scale, European factories should be operated by a highly skilled workforce supported by advanced automation and IT tools. INTERACT aims to utilize workers'; knowledge on executing manual assembly tasks and include it in the digital tools used to support design, verification, validation, modification and continuous improvement of human-centred, flexible assembly workplaces.

The project places the following areas of particular interest at the center of its research:

Funded by:European Union
Project Manager:Stephan Busemann (Stephan.Busemann@dfki.de)
Contact:Stephan Busemann (Stephan.Busemann@dfki.de)
Duration: 01.10.2013 - 30.09.2016
Partners:GermanyDaimler-Benz AG,
ItalyElectrolux Professional SpA,
LuxembourgINTRASOFT International,
GermanyIMK Automotive GmbH,
GreeceEmphasis Telematics SA,
GreeceUniversity of Patras ,
GermanyUniversitšt Ulm