DFKI-LT - Domain Adaptive Information Extraction

GŁnter Neumann, Thierry Declerck
Domain Adaptive Information Extraction
2 Proceedings of the International Workshop on Innovative Language Technology and Chinese Information Processing (ILT & CIP '01), April, o.A., Shanghai, 2001
We present in this paper the methodology developed within the PARADIME (Parameterizable Domain-Adaptive Information and Message Extraction) project for designing an Information Extraction (IE) system easily adaptable to new domains of application. For this we went for a strict separation of the (shallow) linguistic processing modules on the one hand and the domain-modeling modules on the other hand, thus looking for the maximal degree of reusability of common linguistic resources shared by all domains of application. The tools used for the domain-modeling allow a declarative description of the domain under consideration and a simple (abstract) mapping to the output of the Natural Language (NL) analysis, thus requiring only few and very general linguistic knowledge for the adaptation of the IE-system to new applications. We describe a real scale experiment on a fast adaptation cycle of the system to a new domain - the soccer domain - and present the first results obtained.
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