DFKI-LT - Domains in Sense Disambiguation, Chapter: 9

Paul Buitelaar, Bernardo Magnini, Carlo Strapparava, Piek Vossen
Domains in Sense Disambiguation
in: Eneko Agirre, Phil Edmonds (eds.):
1 Word Sense Disambiguation: Algorithms and Applications volume Word Sense Disambiguation: Algorithms and Applications, Pages 275-298, Springer, 6/2006
This chapter describes a number of approaches to word sense disambiguation, which take the wider semantic space of ambiguous words into account. Semantic space may be instantiated by a specific domain, task, or application. Approaches discussed include the use of subject codes as specified in dictionaries or manually added to WordNet and similar semantic resources, the extraction of topic signatures through a combined use of a semantic resource and domain-specific corpora, and domainspecific tuning of semantic resources in a top-down or bottom-up fashion.
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