DFKI-LT - Generalised Dependency Theory

Tania Avgustinova
Generalised Dependency Theory
1 Proceedings of the 19th European Systemic Functional Linguistics Conference and Workshop: Data interpretation in linguisitc analysis., o.A., 2007
Viewing linguistic modelling as annotation of morphosyntactic phenomena becomes an increasingly popular perspective in grammar engineering, changing thus the way grammar modularity can be understood. In this contribution we concentrate on a generalization of the notion of dependency in combination with a rich typology of observable relationships holding between linguistically relevant items. Our research strategy involves a pre-theoretical ontology of relational types that has been developed on the basis of Slavic morphosyntax. It can be used for what we may call "meta-annotation" of morphosyntactic phenomena, and is by design meant to be compatible with theory-specific annotation schemes.
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