DFKI-LT - Bridging as Coercive Accomodation

Johan Bos, Anne-Marie Mineur, Paul Buitelaar
Bridging as Coercive Accomodation
1 volume 52,
CLAUS-Report, Universität des Saarlandes, Saarbrücken, 3/1995

This paper combines insights from Pustejovsky's GL theory with Van der Sandt's anaphora resolution algorithm. The phenomenon of bridging is accounted for in terms of linking anaphoric expressions to information that can be inferred from the lexical semantic knowledge that is stored in lexical entries. In doing so, we can distinguish between the normal linking cases as in (1), the special cases of coercive accommodation as in (2) and the bottom cases of accommodation as in (3). (1) When I call a barkeeper, the barkeeper never comes. (2) When I go to a bar, the barkeeper always throws me out. (3) When I came in, the barkeeper said hello.
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