DFKI-LT - Compilation of HPSG to TAG

Robert Kasper, Bernd Kiefer, Klaus Netter, Vijay K. Shanker
Compilation of HPSG to TAG
2 Proceedings of the 33rd Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL-ANNUAL'95), June 26-30, Pages 92-99, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, ACL, 1995
We present an implemented compilation algorithm that translates HPSG into lexicalized feature-based TAG, relating concepts of the two theories. While HPSG has a more elaborated principle-based theory of possible phrase structures, TAG provides the means to represent lexicalized structures more explicitly. Our objectives are met by giving clear definitions that determine the projection of structures from the lexicon, and identify maximal projections, auxiliary trees and foot nodes.
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