DFKI-LT - An Annotation Scheme for Free Word Order Languages

Wojciech Skut, Brigitte Krenn, Thorsten Brants, Hans Uszkoreit
An Annotation Scheme for Free Word Order Languages
in: Paul Jacobs (ed.):
2 Proceedings of the 5th Conference on Applied Natural Language Processing (ANLP'97), March 31 - April 3, Washington D.C., USA, Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, 1997
We describe an annotation scheme and a tool developed for creating linguistically annotated corpora for non-configurational languages. Since the requirements for such a formalism differ from those posited for configurational languages, several features have been added, influencing the architecture of the scheme. The resulting scheme reflects a stratificational notion of language, and makes only minimal assumptions about the interrelation of the particular representational strata.
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