DFKI-LT - Projecting LFG F-Structures from Chunks

Anette Frank
Projecting LFG F-Structures from Chunks
in: Miriam Butt, Tracy Holloway King (eds.):
1 Proceedings of the LFG 2003 Conference, Pages 217-237, CSLI Publications, Stanford, CA, 2003
This paper pursues two related goals: First, we establish a conceptual link between chunk-based syntactic structures as typically assumed in shallow parsing approaches, as opposed to principle-based syntactic structures as assumed in theoretical linguistics research. This conceptual link emerges from the study of configurational vs. non-configurational languages, and the observation of diverse strategies for ambiguity resolution across this spectrum of (non-)configurational language types.
Second, we show how shallow analyses as usually employed in practical NLP applications can be defined to deliver full-fledged syntactic representations, by designing an architecture for f-structure projection from chunk-based syntactic analysis.
In line with our two-fold goal we will show that principles for f-structure projection from chunks are similar -- modulo specific attachment constraints -- to the analysis of non-configurational languages. Our investigation offers theoretical insight into the kind of abstraction (i.e. underspecification) employed in shallow analysis, and how it can be formalised.
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