DFKI-LT - Issues in Generating Text from Interlingua Representations

Stephan Busemann
Issues in Generating Text from Interlingua Representations
in: Jesús Cardeñosa, Alexander Gelbukh, Edmundo Tovar (eds.):
1 Universal Networking Language: Advances in Theory and Applications, Pages 38-50, IPN, Mexico, 2005,
Research on Computing Science 12

Multi-lingual generation starts from non-linguistic content representations for generating texts in different languages that are equivalent in meaning. In contrast, cross-lingual generation is based on a language-neutral content representation which is the result of a linguistic analysis process. Non-linguistic representations do not reflect the structure of the text. Quite differently, language-neutral representations express functor-argument relationships and other semantic properties found by the underlying analysis process. These differences imply diverse generation tasks. In this contribution, we relate multi-lingual to cross-lingual generation and discuss emergent problems for the definition of an interlingua.
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