DFKI-LT - First Steps towards Multi-Engine Machine Translation

Andreas Eisele
First Steps towards Multi-Engine Machine Translation
in: Philipp Koehn, Joel Martin, Rada Mihalcea, Christof Monz, Ted Pedersen (eds.):
1 Proceedings of the ACL Workshop on Building and Using Parallel Texts, Pages 155-158, o.A., 6/2005
We motivate our contribution to the shared MT task as a first step towards an integrated architecture that combines advantages of statistical and knowledge-based approaches. Translations were generated using the Pharaoh decoder with tables derived from the provided alignments for all four languages, and for three of them using web-based and locally installed commercial systems. We then applied statistical and heuristic algorithms to select the most promising translation out of each set of candidates obtained from a source sentence. Results and possible refinements are discussed.
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