DFKI-LT - IDEAS4Games: Building Expressive Virtual Characters for Computer Games

Patrick Gebhard, Marc Schröder, Marcela Charfuelan Oliva, Christoph Endres, Michael Kipp, Sathish Chandra Pammi, Martin Rumpler, Oytun Türk
IDEAS4Games: Building Expressive Virtual Characters for Computer Games
in: Helmut Prendinger, James C. Lester, Mitsuru Ishizuka (eds.):
4 Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents volume 5208,
Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, Pages 426-440, Tokyo, Japan, Springer, 2008

In this paper we present two virtual characters in an interactive poker game using RFID-tagged poker cards for the interaction. To support the game creation process, we have combined models, methods, and technology that are currently investigated in the ECA research field in a unique way. A powerful and easy-to-use multimodal dialog authoring tool is used for the modeling of game content and interaction. The poker characters rely on a sophisticated model of affect and a state-of-the art speech synthesizer. During the game, the characters show a consistent expressive behavior that reflects the individually simulated affect in speech and animations. As a result, users are provided with an engaging interactive poker experience.
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