DFKI-LT - Context-sensitive utterance planning for CCG

Geert-Jan Kruijff
Context-sensitive utterance planning for CCG
1 Proceedings of the European Workshop on Natural Language Generation, Aberdeen, ACL, 2005
The paper presents an approach to utterance planning, which can dynamically use context information about the environment in which a dialogue is situated. The approach is functional in nature, using systemic networks to specify its planning grammar. The planner takes a description of a communicative goal as input, and produces one or more logical forms that can express that goal in a contextually appropriate way. Both the goal and the resulting logical forms are expressed in a single formalism as ontologically rich, relational structures. To realize the logical forms, OpenCCG is used. The paper focuses primarily on the implementation, but also discusses how the planning grammar can be based on the grammar used in OpenCCG, and trained on (parseable) data.
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