DFKI-LT - Translation Combination using Factored Word Substitution

Christian Federmann, Silke Theison, Andreas Eisele, Hans Uszkoreit, Yu Chen, Michael Jellinghaus, Sabine Hunsicker
Translation Combination using Factored Word Substitution
7 Proceedings of the Fourth Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation, Pages 70-74, Athens, Greece, Association for Computational Linguistics, 3/2009
We present a word substitution approach to combine the output of different machine translation systems. Using part of speech information, candidate words are determined among possible translation options, which in turn are estimated through a pre-computed word alignment. Automatic substitution is guided by several decision factors, including part of speech, local context, and language model probabilities. In the described system, the actual combination of the factors is derived from a manual analysis of their respective impact. The resulting systems' combination is tested for the language pair German- English, however the general technique itself is language independent.
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