DFKI-LT - Ontology Based Clinical Query Extraction

Pinar Wennerberg, Manuel Möller, Paul Buitelaar, Sonja Zillner
Ontology Based Clinical Query Extraction
2 Proceecings of 2nd AMIA Summit on Translational Bioinformatics, Pages o.A., San Francisco, CA, USA, o.A., 3/2009
Knowledge about human anatomy, radiology and diseases that is essential for medical images can be acquired from medical ontology terms and relations. These can then be analyzed using domain corpora to observe statistically most relevant term-relation-term patterns. We argue that such patterns are the basis for more complex clinical search queries and describe our approach for deriving them. These patterns can then be used to support the knowledge elicitation process between the domain expert and the knowledge engineer by providing a common vocabulary for the communication.
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