DFKI-LT - Towards an effective toolkit for translators

Andreas Eisele, Christian Federmann, James Hodson
Towards an effective toolkit for translators
3 Proceedings of the ASLIB Translating and the Computer Conference 31, London, United Kingdom, ASLIB, 2009
As advances in the field of machine translation (MT) continue to allow for greater distribution of multi-lingual information, an increasing number of web based tool-kits are being developed. However, these systems (such as Google's Translator Tool-kit) have failed to satisfy the translation community due to a fundamental misunderstanding of the way translators work. The aim of this project has been to reduce the time that translators spend on the whole transfer process - by realising that an MT core can provide much more than a raw translation, even at this relatively early stage of its development. This paper evaluates the shortcomings of existing systems and proposes a new integrated online-toolkit that addresses these limitations based on an understanding of the most significant and unnecessary struggles between translators and MT systems.
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