DFKI-LT - RMRSBot - Using Linguistic Information to Enrich a Chatbot

Tina Klüwer
RMRSBot - Using Linguistic Information to Enrich a Chatbot
1 Intelligent Virtual Agents. 9th International Conference, Proceedings volume 5773/2009,
Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Springer, Berlin / Heidelberg, 2009

Coming to open domain dialog it is still unrealistic to implement needed knowledge resources and dialog skills linguistically. Since the Non Player Characters (NPC) in our NPC Engine should be capable of open conversation we decided to use an Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML) chatbot as a first workaround. However AIML chatbots are not linguistically motivated, they use surface structures in tradition of Weizenbaums ELIZA, wherefore they do have too many shortcomings to use them in real dialog applications. A possibility to abstract from the surface level and still be able to control the structure is to use information from syntactic and semantic analysis. In the presented system two scenarios were implemented: 1. Using part of speech information and 2. Using the results from a semantic analysis.
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