DFKI-LT - Hybrid Multilingual Parsing with HPSG for SRL

Yi Zhang, Rui Wang, Stephan Oepen
Hybrid Multilingual Parsing with HPSG for SRL
2 Proceedings of the 13th conference on computational natural language learning, Boulder, Colorado, USA, Association for Computational Linguistics, 2009
In this paper we present our syntactic and semantic dependency parsing system submitted to both the closed and open challenges of the CoNLL 2009 Shared Task. The system extends the system of (Zhang, Wang & Uszkoreit, 2008) in the multilingual direction, and achieves 76.49 average macro F1 Score on the closed joint task. Substantial improvements to the open SRL task have been observed that are attributed to the HPSG parses with hand- crafted grammars.
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