DFKI-LT - Extracting Supertags from HPSG-Based Treebanks

GŁnter Neumann, Berthold Crysmann
Extracting Supertags from HPSG-Based Treebanks
in: Srinivas Bangalore, Aravind Joshi (eds.):
2 Supertagging - Using Complex Lecial Descriptions in Natural Language Processing, Pages 313-335, MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 2010
We describe a method for the automatic extraction of a Stochastic Lexicalized Tree Insertion Grammar from a linguistically rich HPSG Treebank. The extraction method is strongly guided by HPSG -based head and argument decomposition rules. The tree anchors correspond to lexical labels encoding fine-grained information. The approach has been tested with a German corpus achieving a labeled recall of 77.33% and labeled precision of 78.27%, which is competitive to recent results reported for German parsing using the Negra Treebank.
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