DFKI-LT - DiLiA - The Digital Library Assistant

Kathrin Eichler, Holmer Hemsen, GŁnter Neumann, Norbert Reithinger, Sven Schmeier, Kinga Schumacher, Inessa Seifert
DiLiA -- The Digital Library Assistant
in: M. Lalmas, J. Jose, A. Rauber, F. Sebastiani, I. Frommholz (eds.):
4 Proceedings of the European Conference on Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries (ECDL) 2010, Glasgow, United Kingdom, Springer, 2010
In this paper we present the digital library assistant (DiLiA). The system aims at augmenting the search in digital libraries in several dimensions. In the project advanced information visualisation methods are developed for user controlled interactive search. The interaction model has been designed in a way that it is transparent to the user and easy to use. In addition, information extraction (IE) methods have been developed in DiLiA to make the content more easily accessible, this includes the identification and extraction of technical terms (TTs) - single and multi word terms - as well as the extraction of binary relations based on the extracted terms. In DiLiA we follow a hybrid information extraction approach - a combination of metadata and document processing.
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