DFKI-LT - Conversion of a Russian dependency treebank into HPSG derivations

Tania Avgustinova, Yi Zhang
Conversion of a Russian dependency treebank into HPSG derivations
2 Treebanks and Linguistic Theories (TLT) volume 9, Pages 7-18, Northern European Association for Language Technology, 2010
The Russian syntactic treebank SynTagRus is annotated with dependency structures in line with the Meaning-Text Theory (MTT). In order to benefit from the detailed syntactic annotation in SynTagRus and facilitate the development of a Russian Resource Grammar (RRG) in the framework of Head-driven Phrase Structure Grammar (HPSG), we need to convert the dependency structures into HPSG derivation trees. Our pilot study has shown that many of the constructions can be converted systematically with simple rules. In order to extend the depth and coverage of this conversion, we need to implement conversion heuristics that produce linguistically sound HPSG derivations. As a result we obtain a structured set of correspondences between MTT surface syntactic relations and HPSG phrasal types, which enable the cross-theoretical transfer of insightful syntactic analyses and formalized deep linguistic knowledge. The converted treebank SynTagRus++ is annotated with HPSG structures and of crucial importance to the RRG under development, as our goal is to ensure an optimal and efficient grammar engineering cycle through dynamic coupling of the treebank and the grammar.
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