DFKI-LT - Engineering a Deep HPSG for Mandarin Chinese

Yi Zhang, Rui Wang, Yu Chen
Engineering a Deep HPSG for Mandarin Chinese
3 Proceedings of the 9th Workshop On Asian Language Resources, Chiang Mai, Thailand, Association for Computational Linguistics, 11/2011
In this paper, we present our on-going grammar development effort towards a linguistically precise and broad coverage grammar for Mandarin Chinese in the framework of HPSG. The use of LinGO Grammar Matrix facilitates the quick start of the development. We propose a series of linguistic treatments for a list of interesting phenomena. The analyses are largely compatible with the HPSG framework. In addition, the grammar also composes semantic representations in Minimum Recursion Semantics. Preliminary tests of the grammar on a phenomenon-oriented test suite show encouraging precision and coverage.
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