DFKI-LT - MT Server Land Translation Services

Christian Federmann
MT Server Land Translation Services
1 Hamburg Working Paper in Multilingualism,
Hamburg Working Paper in Multilingualism, Hamburg, Germany, German Society for Computational Linguistics and Language Technology, 9/2011

We demonstrate MT Server Land, an open-source architecture for machine translation services that is developed by the MT group at DFKI. The system can flexibly be extended and allows lay users to make use of MT technology within a web browser or by using simple HTTP POST requests from custom applications. A central broker server collects and distributes translation requests to several worker servers that create the actual translations. User access is realized via a fast and easy-to-use web interface or through an XML-RPC-based API that allows integrating translation services into external applications. We have implemented worker servers for several existing translation systems such as the Moses SMT decoder or the Lucy RBMT engine. We also show how other, web-based translation tools such as Google Translate can be integrated into the MT Server Land application. The source code is published under an open BSD-style license and is freely available from GitHub.
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