DFKI-LT - Enhancing Chinese Word Segmentation Using Unlabeled Data

Weiwei Sun, Jia Xu
Enhancing Chinese Word Segmentation Using Unlabeled Data
2 Proceedings of the 2011 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing, Pages 970-979, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom, ACL, Association for Computational Linguistics, 7/2011
This paper investigates improving supervised word segmentation accuracy with unlabeled data. Both large-scale in-domain data and small-scale document text are considered. We present a unified solution to include features derived from unlabeled data to a discriminative learning model. For the large-scale data, we derive string statistics from Gigaword to assist a character-based segmenter. In addition, we introduce the idea about transductive, document-level segmentation, which is designed to improve the system recall for out-ofvocabulary (OOV) words which appear more than once inside a document. Novel features1 result in relative error reductions of 13.8% and 15.4% in terms of F-score and the recall of OOV words respectively.
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