DFKI-LT - Terminology Harmonization in Industry Classification Standards

Dagmar Gromann, Thierry Declerck
Terminology Harmonization in Industry Classification Standards
in: Tatiana Gornostay (ed.):
1 Proceedings of CHAT 2012: The 2nd Workshop on the Creation, Harmonization and Application of Terminology Resources, Pages 19-26, Madrid, Spain, Linköping University Electronic Press, Linköping, 6/2012
Terminology as a research area has shifted from portray- ing terms as lexical units to a concept-oriented approach. Accordingly, the process of terminology harmonization has to cope with the concept orientation of term entries. One approach to harmonization is the inte- gration of several terminologies into one centralized terminology reposi- tory, which is either formalized as a conceptual system or points to such systems. In contrast, we propose an approach adopting the linked data strategy by linking resources that preserve the initial terminologies with the corresponding lexical items and the related ontology concepts. As ontologies traditionally link concepts but not the natural language des- ignation of concepts, we propose a model that utilizes terminologies for terminological and ontology lexicons for morpho-syntactic information. We illustrate our suggested approach, applying it to closely related but competing industry classification standards.
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