DFKI-LT - Linguistic and Semantic Annotation in Religious Memento Mori Literature

Karlheinz Mörth, Claudia Resch, Thierry Declerck, Ulrike Czeitschner
Linguistic and Semantic Annotation in Religious Memento Mori Literature
in: Eric Atwell, Claire Brierley, Majdi Sawalha (eds.):
1 Proceedings of the LREC'2012 Workshop: LRE-Rel Language Resources and Evaluation for Religious Texts, Istanbul, Turkey, ELRA, ELRA, Paris, Paris, 5/2012
The project described in this paper was at first concerned with the specific issue of annotating historical texts belonging to the Memento mori genre. To produce a digital version of these texts that could be used to answer the specific questions of the researchers involved, a multi-layered approach was adopted: Semantic annotations were applied to the digital text corpus in order to create a domain-specific taxonomy and thus to facilitate the development of innovative approaches in both literary and linguistic research. In addition, the project aimed to develop text technological methodologies tailored to this particular type of text. This work can be characterised by a high degree of interdisciplinarity, as research has been carried out with both a literary/historical and linguistic/lexicographic perspective. The annotations created as part of this project were also designed to be used in the adaptation of existing linguistic computational tools to suit the needs of non-canonical language varieties.
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