DFKI-LT - Speech animation using electromagnetic articulography as motion capture data

Ingmar Steiner, Korin Richmond, Slim Ouni
Speech animation using electromagnetic articulography as motion capture data
in: Slim Ouni, Frédéric Berthomier, Alexandra Jesse (eds.):
1 12th International Conference on Auditory-Visual Speech Processing, Pages 55-60, Annecy, France, Inria, AVISA, 8/2013
Electromagnetic articulography (EMA) captures the position and orientation of a number of markers, attached to the articulators, during speech. As such, it performs the same function for speech that conventional motion capture does for full-body movements acquired with optical modalities, a long-time staple technique of the animation industry. In this paper, EMA data is processed from a motion-capture perspective and applied to the visualization of an existing multimodal corpus of articulatory data, creating a kinematic 3D model of the tongue and teeth by adapting a conventional motion capture based animation paradigm. This is accomplished using off-the-shelf, open-source software. Such an animated model can then be easily integrated into multimedia applications as a digital asset, allowing the analysis of speech production in an intuitive and accessible manner. The processing of the EMA data, its co-registration with 3D data from vocal tract magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and dental scans, and the modeling workflow are presented in detail, and several issues discussed.
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