DFKI-LT - Processing and Normalizing Hashtags

Thierry Declerck, Piroska Lendvai
Processing and Normalizing Hashtags
in: Galia Angelova, Kalina Bontcheva, Ruslan Mitko (eds.):
1 Proceedings of RANLP 2015, Pages 104-110, Hissar, Bulgaria, INCOMA Ltd, Shoumen, BULGARIA, 9/2015
We present ongoing work in linguistic pro-cessing of hashtags in Twitter text, with the goal of supplying normalized hashtag content to be used in more complex natural language processing (NLP) tasks. Hashtags represent collectively shared topic designators with considerable surface variation that can hamper semantic interpretation. Our normalization scripts allow for the lexical consolidation and segmentation of hashtags, potentially leading to improved semantic classification.
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