DFKI-LT - Overview of the DSL Shared Task 2015

Marcos Zampieri, Li Ling Tan, Nikola Ljube¨ić, Jörg Tiedemann, Preslav Nakov
Overview of the DSL Shared Task 2015
2 Proceedings of the Joint Workshop on Language Technology for Closely Related Languages, Varieties and Dialects (LT4VarDial), Pages 1-9, Hissar, Bulgaria, ACL, 2015
We present the results of the 2nd edition of the Discriminating between Similar Languages (DSL) shared task, which was organized as part of the LT4VarDial’2015 workshop and focused on the identification of very similar languages and language varieties. Unlike in the 2014 edition, in 2015 we had an Others category with languages that were not seen on training. Moreover, we had two test datasets: one using the original texts (test set A), and one with named entities replaced by placeholders (test set B). Ten teams participated in the task, and the best-performing system achieved 95.54% average accuracy on test set A, and 94.01% on test set B.
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