DFKI-LT - SIA: Scalable Interoperable Annotation Server

Johannes Kirschnick, Philippe Thomas
SIA: Scalable Interoperable Annotation Server
1 Proceedings of the BioCreative V.5 Challenge Evaluation Workshop, Pages 138-145, Barcelona, Spain, -, 4/2017
Recent years showed a strong increase in biomedical sciences and an inherent increase in publication volume. Extraction of specific information from these sources requires highly sophisticated text mining- and information extraction-tools. However, the integration of freely available tools into customized workflows is often cumbersome and difficult. We describe SIA our contribution to the BeCalm-TIPS task, a scalable, extensible, and robust annotation service. The system currently covers three named entity types (i.e., Mutations, Diseases, and miRNA) and is freely available under Apache 2.0 license at https://github.com/Erechtheus/sia.
Files: BibTeX, scalable-interchangeable-annotation.pdf, BioCreative_V5_paper19.pdf