DFKI-LT - Towards a Linked Lexical Data Cloud based on OntoLex-Lemon

Thierry Declerck
Towards a Linked Lexical Data Cloud based on OntoLex-Lemon
in: John P. McCrae, Christian Chiarcos, Thierry Declerck, Jorge Gracia, Bettina Klimek (eds.):
2 Proceedings of the 6th Workshop on Linked Data in Linguistic (LDL-2018), Miyazaki, Japan, ELRA, Paris, 5/2018
In this paper, we present some considerations on the current state of both the Linguistic Linked Open Data (LLOD) cloud and the core module of the OntoLex-Lemon model. It is our perception that the LLOD is lacking a representation and interlinking of lexical data outside of the context of lexicons or dictionaries, which have been ported to Linked Data compliant formats. And while the OntoLex-Lemon model and its predecessor \textit{lemon} have originally been developed to support the formal representation of language data used in ontologies, the models have been increasingly used for representing lexical entries of dictionaries and lexicons, as this can be seen in corresponding data sets included in the LLOD. As a consequence of that, we are proposing slight modifications of the core module of OntoLex-Lemon, its ontology-lexicon interface, in order to support the representation and linking of lexical data that are not necessarily included in a lexicon, a dictionary or in the terminology used in a knowledge base.
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