The Verification Workshop


Traditionally, verification has been one of the main areas of application for automated theorem proving. On the one hand side, the formal development of safety or security critical systems creates numerous deduction problems which are not only interesting and challenging but also of practical relevance. On the other hand, automated theorem proving offers the means to reduce the development burden in such formal developments, thus making them feasible.

The aim of this verification workshop is to bring together people who are interested in the development of safety and security critical systems, in formal methods in general, in automated theorem proving, and in tool support for formal developments. The overall objective of VERIFY is on the identification of open problems and the discussion of possible solutions under the theme

What are the verification problems? What are the deduction techniques?


will be organized by Serge Autexier and Bernhard Beckert in connection with IJCAR 2014 at FLoC 2014 in Vienna, Austria


was organized by Viktor Kuncak and Carsten Sinz in connection with IJCAR 2012 in Manchester, UK


was held in connection with FLoC 2010 in Edinburgh, Scotland


was held in connection with IJCAR'08 in Sydney, Australia


was held in connection with CADE-21 in Bremen, Germany


was held in connection with IJCAR'06 at FLOC'06 in Seattle, USA


was held in connection with FLoC in Copenhagen, Denmark


was held in connection with IJCAR in Siena, Italy

Workshop Series Steering Committee

Serge Autexier
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