Designing Interaction for Media Fa├žades: A Case Study

Alexander Wiethoff; Sven Gehring
In: Proceedings of the ACM international conference on Designing Interactive Systems. Designing Interactive Systems (DIS-12), June 11-15, Newcastle, United Kingdom, ACM, 2012.


Media fa├žades are one prominent example of how new technologies currently augment urban spaces. At the same time, they offer new, ubiquitous opportunities for novel applications. To achieve a usable and enjoyable outcome, however, designing interaction with media fa├žades demands a structured design process. In this paper, we present our experiences designing iRiS, a system for remote interaction on media fa├žades. We approached the development following a user-centered design approach and addressing the process at two points with additional means: (1) using a for this purpose created prototyping toolkit testing and exploring both, content and hardware before deploying the system on the actual fa├žade and (2) experimental use and adaptation of user experience (UX) evaluation methods to investigate the users actions and emotions more holistically in this context.



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