ACL, ECCAI and the Verbmobil/SmartKom Consortia


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Tabel of Contents

ACL, ECCAI and the Verbmobil/SmartKom Consortia

The International NL Software Registry of ACL


ECCAI: European Coordination Committee on Artificial Intelligence

The Verbmobil Consortium

International Research Trends in Multilingual Systems

Verbmobil's Massive Data Collection Effort

The Verbmobil Corpora

Extracting Statistical Properties from Large Corpora

SmartKom: Intuitive Multimodal Interaction

The Architecture of the SmartKom Agent (cf. Maybury/Wahlster 1998)

SmartKom: A Transportable and Transmutable Interface Agent

SmartKom-Public: A Multimodal Communication Booth

SmartKom Domains: EPG and Cinema Selection

SmartKom-Mobile: A Handheld Communication Assistant

SmartKom's Data Collection of Multimodal Dialogs

The German Center for Language Resources

Author: Wolfgang Wahlster



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