Ambient Intelligence: A Mega-Trend in Information Technology

What is Ambient Intelligence?

Ambient Intelligence as an Interdisciplinary Field

SmartWeb: Mobile Semantic Web Access as Ambient Intelligence

Always On and Always Best Connected: Ambient Network Access

Roadmaps for Communication Technologies

Towards Ambient Mobile Multimodal Systems

Ambient Intelligence in the Future Store

Plan-based Shopping Assistance

The Ambient Intelligence Lab

Natural Language Conversation with Products in a Cybershop

Automatic Comparison Shopping with Ambient Intelligence

Symmetric Multimodality for Ambient Intelligence (Wahlster 2003)

Capturing the Cognitive and Affective State of Users by Mobile Biosensors

A Four-Layered Architecture for Ambient Intelligence

Navigation in Smart Environments

Indoor Navigation Based on Ambient Intelligence

Indoor Navigation Based on Ambient Intelligence

Using Ambient Door Displays for Indoor Navigation

A Web of Meaning has more Personalization Potential than a Web of Links

SmartWeb: Speech-based Comparison Shopping in the Car

Seamless Navigation Services

Peer-to-Peer Semantic Web Services in SmartWeb

SmartKom-Mobile as a Travel Companion in the Car

SmartKom-Mobile as a Travel Companion for Pedestrians

Tailoring Mobile Presentations to the Age of the User by Unintrusive User Modeling

The Strategy for Funding Human Computer Interaction

DFKI has received the first German Spin-Off Award

Partners for Innovation- Industry, Academia, Politics, Unions: making ideas successful

Our Long-term Goal: We want to use information technology to make man-machine interaction more user-friendly, intuitive and accessible for every citizen.

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